​Terms & Conditions

We at Harmonic Woodworking inspect all materials used and ensure that it is safe enough that we would use it with our own children. However our products are handcrafted in nature and therefore not indestructible. The Buyer is assumed to be a responsible adult who will monitor the wear and tear, cleaning, care and useage of all products at all time.

All our products are recommonded to always be under adult supervision. Harmonic Woodworking takes no responsibility for accidents or injuries. The product should not be used in any other way than intended.

Teethers, Necklaces or Pacifiers: All Beads are made with 100%  food-grade Silicone, chewable , safe, BPA, Phthalate, and Lead-Free. You can chill then in the freezer and are waterproof.

We sand our teethers satin smooth and we apply a mixture of Beeswax & Coconut oil, this will help avoid any raised grain as your baby goes to town on these things!  However, with prolonged use you might feel some rough spots over time.  These are not dangerous, the wood is not in danger of splitting or cracking or anything like that.  If you want to restore your teether to the satin smooth finish all you need to do is get some 220-400 grit sandpaper from your local hardware store and rub the teether surface a few times. Apply a 50/50 Beeswax and any food grade oil such as mineral oil, coconut oil, or organic flaxseed oil

All Products regarding teething rings , necklaces and pacifiers , should never be left unattended with children at anytime, and should be monitored during useage. These products should never be treated as a toy.​ Pacifiers clips are not meant to be used as teethers. The clips are not meant to be chewed on.

Disclaimer/Care and Safety:

Regarding all kids toys:

General Wood Toy Care Instruction:

Wood is naturally anti-bacterial. Bacteria generally does not sustain life for long and does not duplicate on wood like it can on plastic.  We know you will want to wipe down your toys on occasion, it's no problem.  Never submerge your toys in water or allow them to be super wet for a long time though.   Just use a damp cloth and a mild dish soap; use sparingly.
If the finish on your toy dulls over time you can simply apply a 50/50 mixture of beeswax and any food grade oil such as mineral oil, coconut oil or our favorite, organic flaxseed oil.  No prep work needed, simply wipe on, let it soak in, then wipe it off and you are done!  Just a note: just because a toy has lost some of it's shine over the years doesn't make it unsafe, it's ok if you don't re-apply a finish, toys get better with age!

We create handmade wooden toys for babies and children from our workshop.  Each wooden toy is created with the intention of letting imagination thrive in children. Playing with modern wooden toys can inspire children to use their imagination and to develop their mind in a way that toys with manual's will not

Wood Jewelry

We would be doing our clients a disservice to claim our work is as durable as traditional metal rings, but we can say that our wooden rings are much stronger than you might think. Breaking and splintering rings are not common when properly maintained.​

It’s totally normal for the finish of your ring to sustain wear over time. For this reason, we offer free refinishes for the lifetime of your ring; we only ask that you pay shipping costs. We recommend that your wooden rings be refinished annually.

We recommond applying a 50/50 Beeswax and any food grade oil such as mineral oil, coconut oil, or our favorite organic flaxseed oil, once a month to help with your rings shine & when the finish has started to break down, as for extra protection against moisture.

Avoid the Following:

Exposure to abrasive surfaces and substances, including sand and powder detergent

Exposure to harsh chemicals

Over-frequent washing and drying
extended submersion in water (try to remember to take off your ring during dishwashing, showering, and swimming)

Rough treatment, (lifting weights, operating heavy machinery, etc.)


Because of the nature of our products, all sales are final. However, we want you to be happy with your purchase, so if there is an issue when you receive your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can fix the situation as best as we can


Harmonic Woodworking ships all orders though Canada Post. All Wood Working is Custom made by the orders and shipping time will vary depending on each indivdual order.

Shipping Rates for all orders shipped within Canada is depending on size of order. For all smaller items, Flat Rate of shipping is $5 to anywhere in Canada, and $10 for anywhere in US, and all International orders is depending on shipment order.  Free Local Delivery is available within the town of Athabasca, AB. Harmonic Woodworking will not be responsible for any custom or duties which may incur on packages shipped, or for any packages that may become lost in Transit.

Please note if you choose free local delivery, you agree that someone will be available to receive your order at the time arranged. If no receiving person is available at the time of delivery without notice, the buyer will be responsible to pick up order at the specified pick up location given at this time.